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MIOREE x SUTRA SILK Maskne Saviour Kit

MIOREE x SUTRA SILK Maskne Saviour Kit

Website Exclusive Price : RM110
*available for a LIMITED time ONLY

Maskne Saviour Kit & Mioree Trial Kit

1 x Travel Size (10ml) Derma Cleanser
1 x Travel Size (10ml) Derma Toner
1 x Skin Culture Biogel Mask
1 x Sutra Silk Face Mask
(Garnet Red/ Natural Undyed/ Onyx Black / Royal Blue)


A skincare set curated to help achieve deep cleanse skin.
An ideal gift set for those that are looking for ultimate skin pampering. Give the gift of clear, radiant, dewy glowing hydrated and glass-like skin.
Derma Cleansing Gel: 
  • Cleanse twice daily with our best universal selling face wash.
Derma Toner:
  • Restore clarity and radiance to skin post care.
Actiderm Biogel mask:
  • Moisturises, restores glow, eases irritated and inflamed skin.
Suitable Skin Types :
  • Combination, Dry, Normal and Oily
Skin concerns: 
  • Impurities, Dullskin , Acne and Large Pores
Formulation : 
  • Gel and Liquid
The face mask that is super gentle on your skin and looks fashionable at the same time. Made with 100% Pure Grade 6A Mulberry Silk, it has unique properties to provide the comfiest mask-wearing experience, helping to prevent and alleviate horrible “Maskne” (Mask Acne).
Low friction wear and lightweight – gentle on your skin, prevents irritation
Cool and highly breathable – does not trap air and water, helps prevent a humid environment under your mask where bacteria could thrive
100% highest grade 6A long fibers, 22 momme mulberry silk – quality to withstand repeated use and wash
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified – non-toxic dye
Adjustable earloops and nose clip help to ensure the face mask fits snugly on your face
Filter pocket keeps PM2.5 filter securely
Fashionable design – suitable for any occasion, any where



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