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Lacto Vita C Serum

Lacto Vita C Serum

Usual RM 239
Promo RM 198 (save 20%)

Lacto Vita C Serum
Moisturized Skin – The capsule-type serum is effective in brightening the rough and dark skin.
Keeping Skin Vitality – The product supplies moisture and nutrition evenly to the skin to make the vitality skin.
Containing Plant Extraction – The seven kinds of plant extractions makes your skin glow and bright.


The serum has:

  • A complex consisting of peptides and extracts with excellent efficacy for improvement of wrinkles and prevention of skin again
  • All of the components exerts their effects through different mechanisms, so it is thought that there is a strong anti-aging effect due to the combination of the fundamental approach and improvement for wrinkles.
  • Hexapeptide-9 is effective for skin regeneration,Tripeptide-1 and Acetyl hexapeptide-8 improves wrinkles and Lactobacillus/Collagen Ferment Filtrate promotes collagen biosynthesis in vivo, which all lead to an anti-aging effect.


1 review for Lacto Vita C Serum

  1. Chris

    So happy I tried this.
    I’ve been doing research on how to treat my dehydrated skin, I had no idea I even had that issue. I always thought I was just oily and acne prone with dry spots. But after much digging. I realized it’s definitely dehydrated. After looking this up I came to the conclusion maybe if is the sulfates and other chemicals in my expensive skin care that my skin is not liking. After trying this trial kit, I can definitely say that is the issue! My skin is t dehydrated anymore!! I’m so happy I purchased this. I am still a little oily which is fine I’ve been oily my entire life. But I no longer feel the super oily acne dry skin I was suffering with. If you are dealing with the same issues I was. Do not hesitate to purchase this! I am so happy I did.

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