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Dew Skin Bundle RM 336 (RRP RM 504)

Dew Skin Bundle RM 336 (RRP RM 504)

For the fans of Actiderm Bio-Gel Mask, this bundle is made for you!
– 3 box of Actiderm Bio-Gel Mask
– 1 Mioree Tote bag
– Free Shipping


The ACTIDERM BIOGEL mask is developed by SKINCULTURE through a distinctive process called the ACTIVE ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM that ensures the finest quality ingredients are extracted. The special compound method concentrates all the ingredients, forming this 2nd generation bio-gel mask, which accelerates ingredient
absorption for ultimate penetration.

1 review for Dew Skin Bundle RM 336 (RRP RM 504)

  1. irene

    Great addition to the routine!
    Bought thisbundel set hydrogel mask after doing extensive research on a hydrating mask to incorporate into my skin routine and so happy with this so far. I have sensitive skin and hormonal acne concerns and I have noticed a huge difference in using the mask for a few weeks now in the plumpness, smoothness and even texture my skin now has. Itโ€™s safe to use with my glycolic serum and my vitamin C cream, so a great addition to the routine so far. I use it at least once a day and it is working!

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